Sateh Babi

20 minutes

4 Servings


In our ongoing test of tasty recipes from the cookbooks of Vincent Price, here’s a great summer BBQ treat, Sateh Babi (Skewered Pork), from the original Bali Restaurant in Amsterdam. This establishment was famed for bringing Indonesian cookery to the Netherlands, and this skewered pork recipe comes from that now closed establishment, and makes excellent use of the Javanese soy sauce ketjap benteng (although ketjap manis is a fine substitute). Best served with steamed rice and other rijsttafel (rice tables) dishes.

Sateh Babi


  • Cut pork into cubes

  • Marinate (several hours, or overnight)

  • Thread pork on sticks, brush with oil and broil for 20 minutes

  • Serve

How to make

Cut: the pork into small cubes.

Marinate the meat in: the Java soy sauce with salt, pepper, and sugar for several hours, or overnight. The longer the better.

When ready to cook, thread the meat on short sticks, using about 4 cubes on each stick. Brush with cooking oil and broil 2 1/2 inches from heat for 20 minutes, turning frequently and basting with cooking oil.


1 lb lean pork
1/3 cup Java soy sauce (ketjap benteng)
1 teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon pepper
½ tablespoon sugar
Cooking oil