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Fillets of Flounder (Ava Gardner)




This simple recipe was included in a Cooking With Ava (1996) produced for the Ava Gardner Museum in North Carolina. It also features in The Bribe chapter in Supper with the Stars alongside Vincent's Pomme de Terre Macaire recipe which makes for some ideal pairing - just like the two great Hollywood stars themselves.

Fillets of Flounder (Ava Gardner)



How to make

Mix egg, milk, salt and pepper.

Soak the fish in this mixture for 15 minutes.

Dip each fillet in the breadcrumbs.

Heat a frying pan with butter before placing fillets in it.

Fry on both sides until browned.

Serves: 5

* Ava’s recipe didn’t specify what to do with the cup of tomato sauce. I serve a little marinara sauce on the side of each fillet.


5 flounder fillets

1 cup milk

1 egg

Salt, pepper

3 tablespoons butter

Breadcrumbs (sifted)

1 cup tomato sauce *

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