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The voice of Thriller – Vincent Price – returns in The Conqueror Worm. An all-new score from electronica outfit, The Core, comprising five pulsating stanzas fused with a never-before-released recording of the master of the macabre reciting Edgar Allan Poe’s classic funerale ode to the finality of death.


Plus, on the flipside, the horror icon lends his mellifluous tones (in excerpts) to The Core’s haunting rendition of Poe’s darkly-disturbing tale from beyond the grave, Morella.


Boasting gorgeous artwork from Graham Humphreys, this limited edition EP 12″ EP comes in ghoulish green vinyl. 


The Conqueror Worm [featuring Vincent Price] Limited Edition EP


Limited edition EP on green vinyl, featuring artwork by Graham Humphreys and the voice of horror legend, Vincent Price (in a never-before-released recording of The Conqueror Worm).

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