Darrell N. Dean

Dear Mrs. Price:

First...let me start off by stating that I am such a huge fan of your father's work. I do not just mean his impressive stage and film career, but also his work for the preservation of the Arts!

I have never had the opportunity to attend one of your lectures, but am hoping to see you in Pittsburgh, PA in June for Monsterfest I believe it's called. This event is the only closest one to me since I live in southern West Virginia.

I have read your biography on the father, and would love to hear one of your lectures (particularly on your fathers art collection). I do hope that my testimonial will help expand your touring schedule. I would love to have the opportunity to meet you as I also love your work as well.

I do hope that this qualifies for a Vincent Price T-shirt :o)


Darrell N. Dean
Barboursville, WV