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Stephanie Leming

As a lifelong fan of Vincent Price, I've embarked on a journey over the past decade to learn more about the man, not just the actor. After reading Victoria's book, Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography, I began following her talks as well. The insight she shared is educational, and the heart and soul with which she speaks of her father adds depth to that information. You can feel the love and respect she had for him, despite the fact he may not have been the "perfect" father. I am looking forward to more of her talks.

Stephanie Leming

Chris Mayne

 So many of us only know Mr. Price through his amazing body of work. It's really great to get a glimpse of what the man himself was really like. Victoria's willingness to give us all a glimpse of the Vincent's role as a father is really a treasure. I feel that this impression of him as a person as opposed to the "star" is important. His legacy will live on through the longevity of his characters, but we need to remember that Mr. Price was just as amazing in real life. His charm, unique persona, and the fact that he was able to crossover and become relevant to so many generations of fans is really a testament to his talent. He was so devoted to his fans, I'm glad to see that devotion carried on. Thank you so much for the stories you've shared with us all!
-Chris Mayne


Silvia from Brazil

One of the best things that happened to me this year was to become a friend of Victoria Price...
I'm  a 68 years old brazilian woman.
I love horror movies since I was very small and my daddy took me to see House of Wax...
So, I became the most  enthusiastic  Vincent Price's fan and continued to be all my life.
Thanks to Victoria for let me know more and more about your daddy!


Darrell N. Dean

Dear Mrs. Price:

First...let me start off by stating that I am such a huge fan of your father's work. I do not just mean his impressive stage and film career, but also his work for the preservation of the Arts!

I have never had the opportunity to attend one of your lectures, but am hoping to see you in Pittsburgh, PA in June for Monsterfest I believe it's called. This event is the only closest one to me since I live in southern West Virginia.

I have read your biography on the father, and would love to hear one of your lectures (particularly on your fathers art collection). I do hope that my testimonial will help expand your touring schedule. I would love to have the opportunity to meet you as I also love your work as well.

I do hope that this qualifies for a Vincent Price T-shirt :o)


Darrell N. Dean
Barboursville, WV

Todd Flaherty

I bought her book when it first came out about her famous father. I messaged her on FB and I was thrilled to have gotten a kind response from her. I was a fan of Vincent and now equally a fan of Victoria.